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This website is regularly updated. If you have any remarks, additions or improvements concerning this site or the available files I can be reached via PM’s (Personal Messages) on the fora named below and via E-mail at eurovariantinfo(at)


English edition of variants catalogue is now available! 





The Dutch edition of my catalogue of variants is already sold out. The, except for the language, completely identical English edition is still available. Those who are interested can find further details here:


- clear descriptions and pictures of all yet known variants of euro coins which can be found in circulation (over 90 different ones);

- information regarding the scarcity of variants;

- background information;

- tips for easy distinguishing of the various variants;

- checklist;

- 46 pages A4 in plastic cover and with firm ring binder;

- €9,50 + shipment (Netherlands €2,54, Europe €3,81. Shipping costs for multiple copies or outside Europe on request).


Here you can find an example of the info as given in this catalogue.


Orders can be placed through PM's (Personal Messages) on the forums named below and by E-mail at eurovariantinfo(at)


Since the introduction of the euro as legal tender in 12 European countries (and 3 small states which are connected to some of these countries by means of old treaties) I have been collecting euro coins. I confine myself hereby to collecting only those coins which are truly meant for circulation. For this I use the definition that these coins must have been issued in starterkit, mintroll or mintbag. Coins which are issued in other packings (sets) and coins of special collecting qualities (BU and Proof) therefore do fall within the scope of my collection. Also I never pay anything more for a euro coin then the nominal value. I obtain scarce coins which belong to the scope of my collection by swapping.

Because I had a lot of spare time in the last two years I have gone further into the matter of euro coins than most other collectors. I have specialised myself in the topic of variants and other differences. Meanwhile I have written a catalogue on the variants which I hope to revise and republish within a couple of months.

Since the beginning of 2002 I keep a scheme of the euro coins which are in circulation, will be in circulation or are only available in sets. I also made an overview of the printing-works where the euro banknotes for the various countries are printed. Because I like to share this gathered information with others I created this site. Although I do my utmost best to present al information as correctly as possible I unfortunately cannot give any guarantee on it.



Files for downloading (for private use only!):


Overview of the euro circulation coins including their variants (Excel)

Here you can download a scheme (in MS Excel 5.0/95) of all euro coins (including the variants known so far) which have been issued for nominal value. By filling in the scheme with marks (x or X) you can keep a record of which coins you have. This program also calculates the total number of coins in your collection and the total nominal value of your collection. Please read the remarks at the bottom before using this scheme. Last update on 11-01-’05.


Overview of the euro circulation coins (without variants!) (Excel)

The same overview as above, but without the possibility to enter variants separately. Last update on 11-01-’05.


Overview of the euro circulation coins including their variants (PDF)

Once again the first overview, but this time in a PDF-version and thus without arithmetic functions. This version is specially ment for collectors who have not the disposal of Excel. Last update on 11-01-’05.


Overview of the euro banknotes (Excel)

Here you can see (in MS Excel 5.0/95) which companies have made which banknotes for which countries. The notes in between brackets have been mentioned but have not yet been in my hands. The numbers in the two last columns are codes which can be used for proving the authenticity of the notes. Last update on 15-02-’05.


Overview of the euro banknotes (PDF)

The same overview as above but this time in a PDF-version. Last update on 15-02-’05.


The following coins and/or banknotes have been adjusted or added in the files for downloading:

Version 15-02-’05:

10€ U-L (Trichet)

10€ X-R (Trichet)

20€ U-L (Trichet)

50€ V-M (Trichet)

Versie 11-01-’05:

DE 1€A ’04 (now considered as doubtful report)

DE 2€J ‘04

GR 2€ ’04 (was typing error)

IT 2c ‘04

BE 2€ ’04 BLEU-agreement (Belgian-Luxembourg Economical Union)

Version 17-12-’04:

GR 5c ‘03

GR 10c ‘03

GR 20c ‘03

GR 50c ‘03

GR 2€ ‘03

GR 5c ‘04

GR 20c ‘04

GR 50c ‘04

AT 50c ‘04

NL 5€ ’04 Kingdom statute

ES 12€ ’04 Isabella I de Castilla

IT 2€ ’04 FAO

20€ U-L (Trichet)

Version 19-11-’04:

I have removed some small errors from the Excel calculations. As far as I can see all calculations are flawless now. In addition I have added some calculations so that the total value of the special issues can also be seen now (both for national and for European circulation). Furthermore the tables are already adjusted to the year 2005. Unfortunately the latter has as consequence that the main scheme cannot be printed on one sheet A4 anymore.

BE 10c ‘04

BE 50c ‘04

IT 10c ‘04

MC 10c ‘04

MC 20c ‘04

MC 50c ‘04

MC 1€ ‘04

MC 2€ ‘04

PT 5€ ’04 WHS Centro Histσrico de Ιvora

PT 5€ ’04 WHS Convento de Cristo

10€ X-R (Trichet)

Version 07-11-’04:

GR 10c ‘04

IR 10c ‘04

IR 1€ ‘04

IR 2€ ‘04

IT 50c ‘04

IT 1€ ‘04

IT 2€ ‘04

ES 1c ‘04

ES 20c ‘04

ES 50c ‘04

ES 1€ ‘04

ES 2€ ‘04

DE 10€ ‘04 ISS

AT 10€ ‘04 Schloss Artstetten

20€ M-H (Duisenberg)

50€ S-J (Trichet)



Some useful links:

A Dutch forum on coins, banknotes and metal detecting. As far as I know the largest and best of its kind in this language. (My name: Senior)

A pretty large German coin forum. (My name: Senior)

A smaller German coin forum. (My name: Senior)

A Spanish coin forum. (My name: Senior)

An international site designed to ease the swapping with other euro collectors worldwide. A forum is also available. This is the most international site on euro coins as far as I know. (My name: Senior)

An international forum with as main subject (the tracking of) euro banknotes. (My name: Senior)

A German coin forum. (My name: Nestor. Unfortunately did the owner of this forum not agree with the information I present on this website and therefore terminated my membership on 25-11-‘04. Although I prefer to stay completely independent I cannot tolerate such dictatorial behaviour (controlling other peoples websites). Until this decision is reversed I therefore cannot recommend this forum any longer.)

The official site of the  European Central Bank. This site contains lots of info about the euro and gives a.o. links to all national banks within the European Union.



I wish you a lot of fun with your euro collection, and hope that the above schemes and links are a help with your hobby.



Senior, your site manager